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Rotary Dar Marathon

Dear Well-wishers and supporters of the Rotary Dar Marathon,

A year has already flown by so fast andpreparations for that special time of the year The Rotary Dar Marathonthat is held annually on the 14th October, Nyerere day are already upon us!

The Rotary Dar Marathon which had humble beginning as a charity walk with 700 participants back in 2009has now grown tremendously over the years supporting several projects in the community. Join me for a moment and picturea jovial and determined human sea of over 14,000 participants, a sea of orange in their brightly colored orange T-shirts as the walkers/runners/cyclists made their way round the route. It was a breathtaking sight to behold! And those were the numbers of participants with your help, that we had last year.

This year’s Rotary Dar Marathon 2016 includes a 5 km walk, 9 km walk, and a 21.1 km and 21.1km cycling race and will be in its 2nd year in support of our current cause, the raising of funds for our biggest and most ambitious project yet, a Rotary Teaching Hospital. We call upon you once again to join us for a jovial and fun filled morning as we walk/run/cycle.We cannot do this without you and these achievements have only been made possible with your support. Pleasejoin us in big numbers as we make even bigger strides towards reaching our goals.

See you on 14th October 2016 for the Rotary Dar Marathon 2016

Let us transform lives with every step!

Agnes Batengas

Chairperson of the Organizing Committee, Rotary Dar Marathon 2016